What It Takes
If you are a business-minded individual looking to raise FUN while YOU raise FUNDS showcasing amateur jokers, start promoting and or hosting One Joke Wonder events, join us!


What You Do
Becoming a One Joke Wonder Recruiter is the first step of your money making experience. In the words of Meek Mill, “there’s levels to this.” Detailed below is the process of joining the One Joke Wonder team. Also below, are the duties and fulfllments associated with each position, as well as information on how to elevate one’s recruitment status.


How To Get Started
There is a brief application to fill and a one time membership fee* to join, thereafter, you will receive an email with a digital contract requesting your signiture as confirmation. After this quick process you will have officially joined One Joke Wonder and further membership material and info will be sent out via mail/email.


Make Money
Join the One Joke Wonder team! We are constantly looking for creative, driven, business-minded OJW Recruiters. If you are looking to make fulltime bucks with partime effort then this is the job for you. All you have to do is promote, host, and put on a One Joke Wonder event. And no worries, we are here to help you along the way. Find out how to make even more money by elevating your status from OJW Recruiter to OJW Gladiator, to reaching the highest status of One Joke Wonder Ambassador!


What We Do
The premise is simple: Have you ever thought you were funnier than the comedian on stage? Here’s your chance to prove it. No need to start a stand-up comedy career, just try out for the One Joke Wonder… it is the perfect opportunity to see if you have what it takes.


To get a spot on One Joke Wonder we ask that you send a short video clip of yourself telling a joke. No experience is necessary. The video submissions acts as your audition; they allow One Joke Wonder Recruiters to get a feel for your material. Or you can show up as a Walk-on at one of our OJW events.


Selection Process
Jokers are chosen based on multiple categories and criteria. You will recieve a notification email with further informaiton if you are selected as a One Joke Wonder jokester. The jokester chosen will perform their joke(s) on the One Joke Wonder stage at an OJW event.